Testimony Is Refreshing To The Soul

Testimony Is Refreshing To The Soul

Testimony Is Refreshing To The Soul

Testimony is Refreshing To The Soul

One of the best parts of being a counselor and a coach is watching God restore lives and revive situations that seem bleak and hopeless. In counseling, I get to see God step into a life that was filled with pain, shame, and brokenness and shift everything around replacing the pain with comfort; bringing relief to the soul. He removes the shame and replaces it with His confidence and beauty, the brokenness for His healing, love, and strength. God has a wonderful way of putting everything back in place one by one, shining His light into the dark areas, ushering in hope, joy, peace, and laughter.  We all have to go through the sting of pain sometimes, and the pain we go through can fall into different categories; disappointments, rejection, the death of a loved one, accusations, separation, sickness, disaster, and the list goes on.  The best part of being in a relationship with God is that our pain is not the end of the road for us if we hold on to God and give it all to Him; He is able to turn our ashes into beauty. (Isaiah 61:3)

In coaching, it is always a joy for me to see God reveal His purpose and plan to those I get to walk alongside in their journey, as God reveals their gifts and talents that were buried and redundant, igniting those gifts as the individuals press on to fulfill their destiny and God’s purpose for their lives. For me the testimonies are the icing on the cake, just as God is working in my life, He is also working in the lives of other Christians.  He is a covenant God and always faithful.

We don’t hear testimonies on Big TV Networks or see them plastered on the billboards as we drive down the road or highways, that is why it is important for us as Christians to share our victories and testimonies with others as an encouragement that will fill others with hope and joy. We can also share our testimonies with our family members, friends, or even unbelievers as the Holy Spirit guides us. Our children and grandchildren should also be part of the group we share our testimony with, we need to let them know that the God we serve is real and authentic, and He is always with us. As parents, we cannot be there 24/7, but the Lord Jesus is there, our kids should know that they can call on Him anytime and He will respond.

Recently, one of my students at Christian Leadership University shared her testimony with me, as I read through her paper, I was so filled with joy for her because of the work that God is doing in her life, as He reveals His love and goodness to her. The God we serve is the All sufficient, All beautiful and the Magnificent One. In the body of Christ, our testimonies can strengthen our faith and become a source of encouragement to those we share them with. We should be willing to talk about our victories in Christ with those that God allows us to share our story with, not with an attitude of arrogance or show-off, but in humility, giving all the glory to our Lord Jesus. To me God is my “Papa, the Mighty warrior, and my Confidant” in short, this is the summary of my testimony of who God is in my life.

Psalm 22:22 “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters;
I will praise you in the very center of the congregation!” ESV

 Click on the link below to read the testimony “I Am No Longer Deceived.” I pray you will be greatly blessed by it.

I Am No Longer Deceived

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Simi is a licensed Christian & Biblical Counselor and a Life Coach. She is the Founder and President of True Vine Branches Ministries & True Vine Branches Ministries International Library, a nonprofit organization supported by donation. Her passion is to see lives transformed through God’s love and power. Simi teaches and coaches on How to Hear God and How to Hear God through Dreams. Classes & counseling sessions are by phone, Skype, online webinars or in churches/meeting rooms in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area.

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